English courses with native-speaking teachers and tutoring of any subject of primary, secondary and higher education levels.

Teaching resources, dictionaries and diciopedias from publishers of English language and portuguese textbooks of all subjects.

Vocational guidance, national school examinations process and conditions of access to higher education in Portugal and the UK.

Big Ben – School of English is a private educational institution authorised by the Ministry of Education, and as such is part of the National Education System, and was given the status of Public Utility.

It is dedicated to the teaching of English, through annual and intensive summer courses for children (from age 4), young adults and adults, with native-speaking teachers.

You can also have English individual lessons and tutoring of any subject of primary, secondary and higher education. On request it is possible to organise courses in other foreign languages. You can also find psycho-pedagogical support on academic performance.

The school also sells educational and multimedia resources of English language publishers such as Cambridge, Oxford and Longman / Penguin. There are also other school resources for different subjects, such as classroom books, diciopedias, dictionaries of Portuguese and international publishers.