The annual English courses take place twice a week (two lessons of 50 minutes each). They are designed to prepare students for the Cambridge University Exams giving them an internationally recognised qualification: KET-Key English Test, PET-Preliminary English Test, FCE-First Certificate in English, CAE-Certificate in Advanced English and CPE-Certificate of Proficiency in English. The FCE, CAE and the CPE are qualifications that allow you to teach English to primary and to 5th and 6th year students in private and state portuguese schools.
Levels of English - Equivalence
Council of Europe Big Ben Cambridge (ESOL exams)
Below A1 Young Learners A/B/C/Starter Starters
A1 Y. Learners Movers 1/2 Movers
A2 Y. Learners Flyers 1/2 Flyers - KET (Key English Test)
A1 Beginner  
A1 Elementary  
A2 Pre-Intermediate  
A2 Intermediate A  
B1 Intermediate B  
B1 Upper-Intermediate PET (Preliminary English Test)
B2 F.C.E. 1/2 F.C.E.
C1 C.A.E. 1/2 C.A.E.
C2 Proficiency 1/2 C.P.E.
The number of hours of guided study recommended for each level depends on several factors such as the learner's language learning background, the intensity of study, the learner's age and motivation, and the amount of study and exposure outside class, among others. Therefore, Cambridge University recommends the following approximate number of hours of guided study:
Common European Framework Number of hours of guided study
A2 200
B1 200
B2 600
C1 800
C2 1200